Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please use the chat bar or call (800) 746-0615 to speak with one of our representatives.

 What is our return policy?

  • We have a 30-Day return policy with a 20% restocking fee on items that have not incurred damage. For heavier items including mattresses and cribs, it is shipped using Curbside Delivery which is the standard free shipping we offer. 

What is the estimated shipping time for items?

  • Each item in our collection is curated, so shipping times differ. Please see the estimated shipping time in the product description and remember, shipping is free.

 What is a duvet?

  • Duvets are convenient bed covers that are often used to replace the top sheet and blanket. Duvets are filled with soft and fluffy down, or hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. Duvet covers, which are sold separately, are required. The covers are machine washable, but the duvet itself is usually dry-clean only. 

What is a duvet cover?

  • Duvet covers slip over the duvet like a large pillowcase. These covers extend the life of your duvet, are easily laundered, and come in a variety of patterns and colors that allow you to switch up the look of your room as often as you wish. This is great news for home decorators that don’t have the space to store several heavy quilts and blankets. Duvet covers fold flat for storage and take up very little room. Measure your duvet before you buy a duvet cover and make sure the cover is several inches larger (vertically and horizontally) than the duvet.

 What is a comforter?

  • Unlike duvets, comforters are a thick and heavy blanket that does not need a cover. Comforters are designed to coordinate with other bed linens and are often seen as part of a bed-in-a-bag. This makes it easy to pull a room together for the long-term style of your choice. Comforters “drape” the bed, hanging down the sides to present a crisp, finished look. Most comforters are machine washable.

 What are the main differences between a duvet and a comforter?

  • Duvet:
    • Needs a cover
    • Can replace a top sheet
    • Sits on top of the bed with very little overhang
    • Requires dry cleaning
  • Comforter:
    • Does not need a cover
    • Requires a top sheet
    • Hangs over the sides of the bed
    • Easy to coordinate with matching bed linens
    • Machine wash and tumble try


 What is memory foam?

  • Memory foam is a very absorbent and soft material that was first used for NASA’s airplane seats. Once it’s flexible, lightweight properties were proven in the world of science, the material quickly became mainstream and a staple item in mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows.
  • Memory foam has a slow rebound so you get firm support for your back and neck without sacrificing the feeling of sinking into comfort. Memory foam comes in different densities, thereby offering a range of firmness for those that need more support, and those that literally want to sink into their bed at night.


Do I really need a bed skirt?

  • A bed skirt, the linen option that is placed on top of the box spring or rails and hangs to the floor, is optional, but there are times when you should consider one. If you opt for a duvet, you get very little overhang. In this case, a bed skirt can give your linens a fuller, more complete look. If your bed is raised and you are using the extra space for storage, a bed skirt nicely hides the boxes and bags. Always coordinate your bed skirt (bed-in-a-bags are great for this) to avoid a messy, miss-matched look.


What is a pillow sham?

  • A pillow sham is like a duvet cover, but for your pillows. It is not the same as a pillow case. The sham goes over the pillow and over the pillow case. Shams are used to add a touch of luxury to your bed, and also act as a design feature. While a pillowcase can be plain and smooth (which makes it much easier to sleep on) a sham usually includes brighter or even raised and stitched patterns. Shams are removed before the pillow is in use. The shams are quite a bit larger than the pillow, giving your finished bed a nice, fuller, more romantic and artistic look. While shams are optional, they are defiantly worth considering. Shams are also common in bed-in-a-bags, which are a great place to start if you want luxury bedding without having to coordinate each piece on your own.


What is the “thread count”?

  • Thread count is the term used to describe how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the linen, but never just accept a high thread count as a mark of quality. The finishing, fabric and even the brand also play a role in how the linen feels and wears over time. Typically, anything over a 400 thread count is “creatively labeled” as it is extremely difficult to fit 800 – 1200 threads in a square inch. For the best price and quality, look for a thread count between 180-400.


What linens work best for bed & breakfasts and Airbnb rentals?

  • Your rental has to stand out among hundreds of others – and also stand up to no-holds-barred reviews online! Make sure the look of your rental room is cohesive, the linens are high-quality and that your bed sheets, shams, covers, etc., are durable enough to stand up to the frequent washings they will endure. To help manage costs, choose items you can wash and dry at home. Our collection is easy to coordinate, but we also have complete bed-in-a-bag sets to make decorating your rental room easy and affordable.


Can I buy these items in your brick-and-mortar store?

  • Upgrading Quality is an e-commerce site only. We do not have an offline store. Without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location, we can pass significant savings on to our customers. This is why the high-quality, boutique items on our site are so affordable. Don’t worry, if you have questions, we are easy to reach. Simply use the contact form on our site or hit the live chat button.


Is it safe to provide you with my payment and shipping information?

  • We respect your privacy and you’re your payments are encrypted to PCI-DSS standards. Please see our privacy policy for more details.


Do you accept competitor’s coupons?

  • With our low prices on high-quality items, there is no need for us to accept coupons. Our prices are already lower than many of our competitor’s – even when they are having sales!


Is it actually possible to fold a fitted sheet?

  • Surprisingly….yes! It just takes a little practice! Click here for a step-by-step guide, but if you decide to neatly roll up your fitted sheet instead, we won’t tell!