Top Ideas for Beautiful Wall Décor

Top Ideas for Beautiful Wall Décor

Whether you are someone who is design savvy or are lost just thinking about how to decorate your home, Upgrading Quality is here to help you make your dreams a reality! One way of breathing life into your home is by adding wall decor that will add a touch of personality to your residence. Rather than choosing a collection of pieces that you like and hoping that they will look good, you need to plan what you would like to see in your home. The layout of every home is different, and what might look good in one may not necessarily look the same in another. Regardless of what you decide, your home will feel more like an extension of yourself if you are able to balance the blank space of your walls with the decor you choose.

Multi Color Sea Shell Hooks Wall Décor

Go Big and Bold!

If you have a large wall that just looks blank and uninspired, adding a large piece of wall decor will break up some of that blank space, while also adding character to any room. The Stratton Home Decor Gold Pia wall mirror is the perfect accent on these large spaces, not only due to its size, but also because of the details that you can see within this piece. This piece is crafted from metal with a gold finish, and it is covered in mirrored accent pieces. This is a beautiful and unique piece that works in many large spaces, but it is also not too overpowering. If your wall is large enough that this piece of decor does not cover it, you can also display these alongside other smaller pieces to create a cohesive look.

Gold Love Wall Décor

Do Not Forget Functionality

The greatest thing about wall decor is the options that you have regarding pieces that offer storage or functionality. We all live very busy lives that could use a bit more organization. Why not start with the artwork you’ve chosen to display on your walls? The multi-color Sea Shell Hooks Wall Decor is a beautiful example of form and function working together in harmony. You can use this in your foyer to collect coats, your mud room for your pet’s leashes, or never lose your keys again by ensuring that they are all organized on your wall hooks!

Adding a Spark to a Small Space

Adding too much wall decor in a small space can drastically become uncomfortable with a lot of people. Less is more when it comes to decorating smaller areas, including the foyer, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms. Something simple, yet striking, such as the Gold Love wall decor, is the best idea. This signage is perfect when put your wall decor to use in a smaller area where you may not have the ample space that you are used to. This piece is charming and sweet, and it makes the perfect addition to the family home or to liven up the space of a single professional.

No matter what you seek, Upgrading Quality is sure to have wall decor to suit absolutely everyone’s tastes!

Organic Mattress – Why you Should Buy One

Organic Mattress – Why you Should Buy One

When a mattress is being purchased, a lot of consideration is given to the level of firmness, and of course, the size of the mattress.  Additional benefits, such as pillow tops and box frames, are also looked into.  Your mattress will affect the quality of your sleep.  However, one of the most important factors in a mattress is not only overlooked, but is also often unknown. This would be the materials that your mattress is made of.  Mattress materials often contain toxic materials that can reverse any of the health benefits that you would have gained from getting a good night's sleep. The lengthy list of toxic materials used in a non-organic mattress is astonishing.

Mattress manufacturers are not required to disclose the materials used in their mattresses.  Because of this, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find out what you will be sleeping on top of.  The only mattresses that can guarantee that they are organic are the ones that are made of 100% organic materials. This is not only the fabric covering, but also the materials designed to create the frame and filling.  Without the assurance of an organic mattress, gassing, which is the release of chemicals while you sleep, is a hazardous health concern.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are used to create fire retardant materials. They were used in mattresses until 2004 to prevent your mattress from accidently catching fire. If you own a mattress that was manufactured prior to 2004, it will still contain this toxic chemical.  PBDEs are suspected of causing neurodevelopmental toxicity, making this chemical a concern in mattresses—especially in cribs and children's rooms. They are also suspected of thyroid and liver toxicity. When mice were fed this toxin, they eventually developed liver tumors.

Methyl benzene is another popular manufacturing chemical.  This toxin is found in non-organic mattresses.  With prolonged exposure to Methyl benzene, proper cell function begins to fail.  A common side effect is when bone marrow fails to produce enough red blood cells, causing a condition known as anemia.  Long term exposure to this toxin in animals has resulted with bone marrow damage in fetuses as well as low birth rates.  Women exposed to methyl benzene over a long period have also experienced irregular periods as well as reduced function of their reproductive organs. Both men and women can experience excessive bleeding.

The best way to ensure that your mattress only gives you a good night’s sleep (and nothing more) is to purchase an organic mattress.  Purchase only from a reputable company that not only uses 100% organic materials, but which also produces these mattresses in a warehouse that is free of any chemical products or by-products.  An organic mattress will come at a higher cost, but a good mattress is worth an investment; it affects the quality of your sleep as well as the condition of your health.  If you are trying to improve your health and longevity, do not overlook the one thing you may spend the most and longest time with: your mattress.

The Best Luxury Comforters for the Ultimate Sleep and Comfort

The Best Luxury Comforters for the Ultimate Sleep and Comfort

If you’re looking for the ultimate sleep and comfort, you’ll want to make sure you have the best comforter there is so you can sleep easy every night of the week.